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Quarterly goal update

Quarterly goal update

I like to check in on my goals regularly to be sure that I’m making progress. (And also to make sure I haven’t forgotten any of them!) I’ve kind of been dreading it this time, because I don’t feel like I’ve made much progress, but we’ll see. In the second quarter of 2009, I’ve:

  • Made some contributions to my Roth IRA (I was supposed to be making them monthly, but I missed April.)
  • Continued to contribute to my 401(k)
  • Purchased stock each month
  • Continued tracking and evaluating expenditures
  • Continued saving for vacations & irregular expenses
  • Made progress on meeting my exercise goal
  • Gotten a massage, brought home flowers, and tried something different each month
  • Purchased a treasury bond
  • Prioritized future projects and focused

Goals that I had better get cracking on are:

  • Look into requirements for opening a SEP IRA
  • Purchase 1-4 tax liens
  • Increase income by at least 150%
  • Double savings in 2009 (at least)
  • I guess I’ve made more progress than I thought, but I still want to make more. I think I’d feel better if more of my goals could be completed in a shorter period of time, but they just don’t seem to work out that way since so many of them are ongoing, monthly things.

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