Sometimes things seem like a good idea, until you think about them a little. For example, I’ve been vaguely considering buying a second car. Which seems silly, because of course I can only drive one car at a time. But my car is a two-seater, and I hope to keep it for many many more years, so there are times when it might be helpful to have a slightly bigger car. (I’m thinking something small and foreign, with 4 cylinders and a back seat.) And my son is coming up on the age where he’d be able to get his license, and so of course it would be nice if he had something to drive too.

So the other morning I found myself thinking of going to the car auction. Just to poke around, you understand, since it’s been years since I’ve gone. I love auctions, so that would be fun no matter what. Maybe I could pick up something for a couple thousand dollars that would make a good car to drive now and then when I wanted to have more than one other person with me, and for my son to use for a few years.

But then there’s insurance costs, and maintenance, and well, just all the expensive stuff that goes along with owning a car. It seemed like a good idea, until I got to thinking about it in more detail. I’m still not convinced that it’s a horrible idea, but I don’t think it’s something to do right now. Especially since I am working on saving up money. It’s hard to save up money when you’re essentially thinking of ways to spend more of it every month.

Do you ever find yourself doing this? Rationalizing a potential purchase?