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Ready for a vacation

Ready for a vacation

I’m usually ready for a vacation, but lately the itch to go traveling has been worse than normal. I keep finding all these great deals to fabulous places and I want to go. Now!

But I have to be patient, because at this point we don’t have the time to go jetting off somewhere at random like I would truly like to do.

We do plan on taking a couple of trips this year — one to visit family soon and one to some as-yet-to-be-determined location for our anniversary in the fall, so I will be content with that for now.

(I may try to throw in a trip to Catalina Island reasonably soon too though.)

It’s nice to have a vacation fund so that we can travel without scrambling for the money. Do you set money aside specifically for vacations? I didn’t used to, but doing so has really made vacations more relaxing, even in the planning stages.

Alright, enough about things I wish I was spending my money on. On to this week’s links:

The Dough Roller dispels the myth of good debt.

Sound Money Matters points out that sometimes trying to save money can go too far — when it turns you into a bad customer.

20 Something Finance explains how to avoid paying to get your check engine light looked at.

Jonathan Fields tells the truth about visualization and goal achievement.

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  • I love traveling as well and actually have recently paid off my backpacking adventure trip to the Amazon rainforest where I will be going in November for 2 weeks.

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