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Ready or not, here I come

Ready or not, here I come

Or, why it’s a good idea to “just start” things.

Have you ever wanted to do something “someday”, but kept putting it off? It could be a starting a new business, taking up a hobby, going on a trip, or doing something to improve your financial health.

You think to yourself, “oh, as soon as I get _____ done, I’ll do ____.”

Or maybe you think longingly if you how you could do whatever it is if only you didn’t have to do something else first.

Well, sometimes the best way to accomplish a goal is to just start. You don’t have to get ready, you can just start right now, wherever you are.

Take one small step in toward where you want to be, today. Right now.

You don’t have to be ready, or to wait for the perfect moment.

Don’t know what to start working on first? I’ve found that it works best to just start in the middle and go from there.

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It really doesn’t matter where you start. It’s where you end that matters. So just pick something — anything — and go. Then keep going.

If you have the end in mind (your goal), you’ll get there.

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

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  • “I’ve found that it works best to just start in the middle and go from there” – I agree. This is how I used to write term papers in college. I’d hit the main points, and worry about the introduction later. I find that I’m doing the same thing when mind-mapping my blog post ideas.

  • Happens all the time. I have side projects that I always say I would like to start but never get to. I have gotten on myself more recently and have actually started some and have been keeping it up.

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