An employer receives hundreds of emails almost every day with resumes and job applications, especially if you are a hiring executive of an established brand. We’ve seen many tips on writing a well-crafted resume, but what are the common signs that an EMPLOYER has to look for in these resumes? Which ones to pick and which ones to let go? And, what criteria to employ while making these selections? Let us find out through a series of red flags to look out for in a resume. Read along:

1. The first to notice is job hopping – If the candidate changes jobs very frequently. Hiring a new employee is actually a very expensive process – after the hiring, you have to invest a significant amount of money, time and resources in order to train them and make them productive for the company. There are statistics that prove that an employer can obtain full efficiency from the new hire, only after the first 6 months. So, if a person tends to change jobs every now and then, every 7-8 months, you should definitely avoid such candidates. You are looking for someone who will be committed to his/her job.

2. Another thing that the employer should watch out for is employment gaps. These may not exactly be a bad sign, because some people tend to take career breaks to take care of their children or elders or to spend some time with their families or to study or travel. These are all reasonable. But, you need to make sure you ask your candidate about their employment gap. You’ve to make sure you get a reasonable explanation regarding the gap.

3. Another very important thing to consider in a resume is whether there are any spelling or grammar mistakes. Any such mistake simply proves that the candidate does pay much heed to details and can be careless. These mistakes show that the candidate does not really care about the presentation. Presentation and a sharp eye to detail are two very important aspects to be considered.

4. A good resume would reveal a successfully progressive career. Job responsibilities of the candidate should increase over time, and if the candidate does not show any achievements on the resume, this is another red flag for you. You should raise questions on this topic, and a smart will know how exactly to answer this question.