We are so used to the decorations, the makeup, filers, the outer-coverings, the gimcracks, that we often miss out on the raw, real beauty of most things. We let the external authorities, the textbooks, internet, politicians, parents, and teachers, take control over our internal conscious and mind. Our minds are been molded to see things is specific sort of way. We are dependent on others, or maybe technology to make our lives work. Most of the businesses are worn-out imitations, simply presented with brighter promotions. Companies are fooling customers- faking quality or quantity, and at times even both. We are busy covering up, hiding away the real beauty- pretensions.

Lock yourself up in an empty room for a day. No phones, no internet. Just sit by the window in your most comfortable clothes. Have a pen and paper. Observe the scene outside the window. Observe. You’ll learn. You’ll think. You’ll build your ideas on the simplest or the most complicated scenarios you observe. But they will be your own. Maybe faulty, but original.
This is what you need to do: strip away pretensions, reveal truths, and be able to see things as they really are. Avoid being deceived, fooled by appearance. Makeup that covers your dark circles, filters that make your photographs look exceptional, sofas placed carefully to cover up a oil stain on the carpet, teachers who make students learn formulas without teaching them their real applications, fake health products that look attract and promise extraordinary results in just days, formal suits and over-the-top business parties to launch an unoriginal product, the glamour and the lies which rule the world.

You may fool others by what you show them, and what you hide, but you can’t keep lying to yourself. Integrity of your actions may not have immediate consequences, but what goes around comes back around. If you wish to lose weight, telling yourself you’ll start your workout from next Monday and until then eating Pizzas everyday, is ignorance. You have to take control over things, and stop being lazy. Be disciplined, have rules, but don’t have limits.

The real power comes to you when you are not manipulated, when you accept your flaws, when keep your mind open and your head high. You may adore someone, be inspired, but never be dependent on a higher authority. No one will work for you; you and only you work for yourself. They will help you as much as humanly possible, but ultimately, success lives and dies with YOU and your ability to TAKE ACTION.

Ask yourself, if the world were blind, how many people would you really impress? Appearances are deceptive. Scarp the glitter, look for the truth.