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Save Your Restaurant Money with Employee Scheduling Software

Save Your Restaurant Money with Employee Scheduling Software


If you’re running a restaurant, you don’t need to be told how challenging it is. The surge of new restaurants is great for the foodies but it means facing stiff competition for you.

A penny saved is a penny earned and many restaurants across North America have embraced new technology like employee scheduling software because of all the ways it can save costs and reduce expenses. Read on to learn more about how it works.

Keep Your Workers Working

A manager’s job is to make sure their employees are working diligently and effectively — labor costs are one of a restaurant’s main drains on their budget. You can make employee scheduling easy with an app that is specifically designed to streamline the process for restaurants, keeping employees where they’re most effective.

Now you can create a schedule your whole team will love in up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take. When your staff is at work, employee scheduling software lets them focus on their actual jobs, instead of coordinating when they’ll work in the future. Eliminating the time wasted at work by schedule creation saves your restaurant between 1-3% in labor costs.

Reduce Turnover

One of the biggest headaches restaurant owners and managers face is high turnover — restaurants notoriously suffer from it, and it poses several problems. High turnover means struggling to find the right employee to replace whoever has since left a hole in your staff roster, which costs time and money in training.

Employee scheduling software allows employees to relay their work availability to their manager remotely through the app. They can also ask for days off remotely and the manager can accept them through the app, too. This lets them effortlessly keep their personal lives balanced.

Also, the amount of text messaging and phone calls made to support schedule creation outside of work are reduced by up to 70% — this in turn will ease a very frustrating process for your employees, and is one more thing that makes their job more appealing.

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Advanced Time-Clock Feature

The modern redesign of the time-clock found on employee schedule software will also save your restaurant money by ensuring that your employees stick to the work schedule. Managers can set this time-clock to prevent staff from checking in too early for shifts and it can automatically punch staff out of shifts after a certain amount of time if they have forgotten to do so.

Employee scheduling software can also ensure your employees are only being paid for the time when they’re scheduled to work. Your staff will love how the time-clock helps enforce breaks and how its attendance reports help managers recognize who on the team are the all-stars.

There’s no shortage of new technology claiming to be a miracle cure-all but employee scheduling software is designed to bring modern solutions to big problems you really face. It’s become the backbone of the operation for many millennial-aged restaurant owners but restaurateurs of all ages should use this new tech to save their restaurant money.

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