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Saving for Your Dream Vacation

Saving for Your Dream Vacation

Save for vacation

An important factor in determining travel is money. All too many times we’ve made vision boards and bucket lists of all the places we want to go to, but a lot of the times, the only thing holding us back is the financial aspect of it. With summer quickly coming to an end and fall approaching, now is the perfect time to start saving and getting your summer plans together. Whether it’s a road trip, cruise, or plane ride, you want to be able to travel and enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. Here’s a few saving tips to getting you closer to your dream vacation.

Cut Back on Miscellaneous Expenses

That Starbucks coffee you drink every morning may give you the perk you need, but buying that every morning can cost you at least $30 a week. That money definitely adds up and could be put towards your dream vacation.

Making a list of expenses outside of major bills will help in determining what to cut back on. For example, prepare multiple servings of a home cooked meal that you can eat for  lunch several days in a row days instead of grabbing fast food. I’m not saying to stop doing things you enjoy, just simply cut back on them. Sacrifices have to be made in order to get to that vacation oasis.

Uber or Lyft

Driving people to their destinations is the latest money-making opportunity nowadays. There’s not a car that goes by now that you won’t see an Uber or Lyft sticker on it, and with so many people doing it, it must be a great source of income. Not only do you get paid for driving, but you also can get tips on top of the regular rate.

Side Job

The key is to work smarter, not harder. Most of us already have a 40 hour work week, so to add something extra to that can seem a little exhausting, but will ultimately be worth it once you’re on the beach soaking up the sun.

If you’re an animal lover, walk dogs. A lot of companies hire seasonal employees during certain times of the year to help with the seasonal rush, so that’s definitely something to look out for. There are also different apps that pay you to exercise by tracking your steps.

Vacation Account

Setting up an account dedicated solely to your vacation money is very helpful. You can have your money from a side job direct deposited to that account…your money may even grow if it’s an interest accruing savings account.

You can, of course, set up an account at your local bank, but you’re more likely to go dipping into that account. A safer option would be to set up an online bank account, but whichever account you choose to set up, make sure to protect your money.

Sell Personal Items

You can keep it old fashioned by having a yard or garage sale, or you can take things online. Letgo, Etsy, Facebook MarketPlace, and Craigslist are all online platforms where you can take pictures of your items and sell them directly through the website. It saves you the hassle of putting everything outside on display, instead doing it from the comfort of your own home.

Pinching Pennies

Saving is one of the hardest things to do, whether it’s for Christmas shopping, birthday parties, or vacations. Giving up your guilty pleasures and trading them in for budget friendly habits will take some getting used to but it’ll be worth it in the end. Just keep your eye on the prize and you’ll be on your dream vacation in no time.

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