“How can I sell my car fast?”

So you want to know how to sell your car fast. I know the feeling. I once had to sell my car fast and here’s what I learned. In about 3 minutes (the time it will take you to read this article) you’ll know how it’s done. Let’s get started:

Step 1: Get the Car Presentable

In a matter of hours even, the car will be with its new owner. It’s important to make the car ready for its transition. Get all your personal belongings from out of the car. Also, if you have anything aftermarket on the car you would like to keep (fancy wheels, rubber floormats, seat covers, etc.) remove them now. If you feel so inclined, vacuum the interior and wash the exterior of the car. This part isn’t essential but it may help the car seller. Shiny things sell better. People judge by appearance most of all. If the car looks good, buyers will automatically assume it’s a good car.

Step 2: Get the Title

Most people keep these in a safe deposit box at a bank. You may have it at home in a safe or filing cabinet. Get the title and keep it handy. You’ll need it when you close the sale.

Step 3: Take Pictures

Just look at the internet. Image are all over the place! When I wanted to sell my car fast, I gave the people what they wanted. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Once your car is presentable, and you have the title, take photos of the car! Even just cell phone pics work. Be sure to take a lot of photos. People will ask to see random things like pictures of the engine, instrument cluster, etc. In order to sell your car fast, you don’t want to have to keep walking outside to take more photos. Capture a bunch the first go around. I learned this the hard way.

sell my car fast craigslist how to

Step 4: When I wanted to sell my car fast, I went to Craigslist + a few other places…

Craigslist is the best way I’ve found to sell my car fast. It’s free. It’s easy. It’s fast.

Simply go to Craigslist — sale by owner — automotive — cars and trucks. Be sure to list at least the basic details about the car:


Transmission: Manual or automatic?

Odometer reading: Look at the odometer right before listing the car. Include this information in the description.

Color: Pictures can sometimes be deceiving. Mark down if the car is white, beige, brown, whatever

Problems: If applicable, mention any problems the car has. If you don’t, this may result in a wasted meeting with a potential buyer. They may walk away once they hear about the problem. I know when I need to sell my car fast, I didn’t have time for any of that nonsense.

Price: Make sure to price the car fairly. You can sell your car in a matter of minutes if the price is low enough. When you’re pricing the car to sell fast, open up a new tab for Craigslist. Search for cars similar to yours. If you really want to sell your car fast, put your price just below that of your competition. That’ll be sure to draw eyes to your page. A catchy title also helps. In the title, include anything that’s great about the car – low mileage, mostly highway driven, aftermarket head unit, new tires, etc. Make people WANT to click the ad. And lastly, leave some wiggle room in the price. If you need $4,000 for the car, list it at $4,500. Most buyers like to haggle. It’s annoying but it’s part of the game. When I wanted to sell my car fast, I made sure to make a killer sales pitch! That’s what it’s all about!

how to sell a car private party

When I wanted to sell my car fast, I made an awesome Craigslist ad with lots of pictures. I really talked up the car. Remember, you’re advertising something here. Make buyers drool over your car! :)

Step 5: Throw on a ‘For Sale by Owner’ sign and leave the car in a (legal) high traffic area

The internet isn’t the only way to get eyes on your car. After all, hundreds of  people may see your car everyday on the roads, in parking lots, driving through KFC, etc. You need to capitalize on that free advertising. For this step, you need to print off 2 for sale signs and place them inside your car windows.

I’ve found it super helpful to print off 2 of these FREE ‘For Sale by Owner‘ signs. Don’t buy these if you have a printer. Stick one in the back window and one on the front. Use easy to remove tape to adhere them to the glass. Leave the roll of tape in the car. You may have to take down the signs once or twice to move the car or take it on a test drive. You may need more/new tape when you go to put the signs back up.

When I sold my last car fast, I parked it on a college campus with lots of foot traffic. The car was a Mitsubishi Eclipse – a great car for a college kid. I found my target market. I got tons of texts within hours of putting it there.

Also consider putting the car in a good parking spot at the mall, your place of work, Walmart, or just outside your house. Sometimes your neighbors will be interested in buying. It doesn’t get any easier than that. When I needed to sell my car fast, I even mentioned it to a few people I knew. They even thought about offering me a quick sale. Never hurts to do a little word of mouth advertising as well.

Step 6: Weed out the time-wasters

When I looked to sell my car fast, I knew I had to ward off the time-wasters. It’s inevitable they will find your listing as well. Time wasters are the people who text you/call you about the car with no real intention of buying. They may just be casually browsing. Or, they have a similar car to sell and want to see how your sale is going. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to tell who these people are. If it feels like someone is dragging you along, ask them to come by for a look at the car. Tell them no test drives unless they bring cash. Talk is cheap, ya know? When I wanted to sell my car fast, I let the buyer pay with a check but the money was in my account before I handed over the keys.

Step 7: Print off Bill of Sale

You can’t close the deal without a bill of sale. Use this FREE and printable Bill of Sale form courtesy of the DMV’s website. You may also need a title transfer depending on your state. Check this link to see if that means you. I’ve bought cars from Kansas and Iowa and never needed one – but about 20 or so states require them.

Step 8: Close the Deal

Close the deal in front of a business where there are a lot of people around (or at least a lot of security cameras). Selling your car fast doesn’t mean you have to be reckless about it. The last thing you want is to get ripped off. The people and/or cameras will assure that doesn’t happen.

You want paid in cash. If the buyer doesn’t want to do that, you can get paid in a check. But before giving over the title and keys, go to their bank and have the check cashed or transferred to your bank account.

After you get your money, hand over the title (sign it and mark down the mileage), the bill of sale, and (if applicable to your state) the title transfer.

I wanted to sell my car fast. This is how I did it. You will too.


How did I sell my car fast? Simply do what’s listed above and you’ll get yours sold sold ASAP. There’s no easier/faster/better way than Craigslist and simple ‘For Sale’ signs.