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September 2009 Update

September 2009 Update

Man, here it is October already. I can hardly believe it. I don’t even remember what all I did in September, besides do a ton of work and spend a ton of money.

Unfortunately the “spend a lot of money” part will be a trend for at least 3 more months, as I’ve committed to something that while pricey, is worth it. Which reminds me, I need to bite the bullet and update my spending and income chart, not just my net worth. Avoiding the chart isn’t going to change reality…

As far as net worth goes, the money that I took out of savings to pay for what I bought was counteracted somewhat by my stocks finally nosing into the black. (Although they were back down in the red again just a bit as of yesterday.)

Here’s what’s what:

Assets: Up $2897.60
Liabilities: Up $769.20
Change in net worth over previous month: Up $2128.40

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  • I’ll write a post about tracking (assuming you mean the chart I mentioned here) pretty soon. Maybe Sunday.

    But yes, I include investments in my net worth. I include all assets and all liabilities.

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