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Setting Up House

Setting Up House

TKimber Chin ( who writes romance novels based in the business world. She also blogs at

As a romance writer, I LOVE this time of year with so many couples getting married and buying homes. It makes me think back a decade when the hubby and I were doing the same.

We didn’t really know what we were doing but figured out some cost saving tips along the way. I thought I’d share them with you.

Basic White

Before our wedding, friends and family asked us about our dinner pattern. I said white with pink flowers (having found a beautiful pattern at an antique shop). We received just about every color pink and every kind of flower available, nothing matching.

If I could do it all again, I would have chosen basic white. White is white, it always matches and even if the plates are different shapes and sizes, they still look good on the same table. Break a dish? No problem. Buy some other white plate. Want color? Add a charger plate or fancy placemats with matching napkins.

Classic Furniture

This is something the hubby and I, being antique freaks (and careful about the environment), did right. We bought classic furniture, usually used (estate sales and auctions). The pieces are made of real wood and real metal. They can be sanded, bent back into shape (don’t ask), and refinished. It did take time to find them but every single one has a story behind it. Oh, and we can resell the furniture today for more than we paid for it. Not bad.

A loved one and his wife went to one of those no-money-down furniture places. Instant house but by the time the payments came due (a rude awakening there), the veneer off the furniture was already peeling.

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To spruce up the classic furniture, we use trendy pillows and runners.

Ask For Plants

I am the plant pusher. You want a plant? Come to me. I’ll give you one of my babies (all tested to go two weeks without watering). There are many of us out there so please, don’t pay for plants. Simply ask around. Someone will happily give you more than you can possibly take care off. Oh, and in cute little pots too

What advice would you give a young(ish) couple starting out?

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  • My advice to a new couple starting out is to maintain separate bank accounts. SO many marriages end in divorce these days and the number one thing that couples fight about is money. My husband and I had our own accounts from before we met and we kept them. We have completely different spending styles – I spend – he doesn’t…so, it saves a lot of unneccessary anger…if I want to buy a new pair of shoes – no skin off of his back – and completely the opposite is true…when he went out and bought a new truck – I was only happy for him; not any of those other bad feelings that spouses sometimes get about big purchases….Anyway, that’s my advice!

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