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Should I change my domain name?

Should I change my domain name?

So, after my site had been up for over a year, I became aware that er, part of the name is slang for a drug-related term. I was completely clueless about that. (A Google search hadn’t come up with anything derogatory when I originally googled this site name before deciding on it, but then again, I didn’t think to google the words separately.)

So since then, I kind of figured that well, people can see at a glance that the site is unrelated to that, so I won’t worry about it. But lately I’ve started wondering if the name is holding my site back, because if all someone sees is the name, my site may not even get the glance that would show otherwise.

I’m just not sure that changing the name wouldn’t set me back further. Has anyone had experience doing that? If so, what happened?

One idea I had was to keep everything existing as-is, but begin putting new posts on a new domain name. (And then have the most recent post on this domain point people to the new one.)

There are a lot of things to consider, and I’m just not sure what would be best…

So, for now let’s move on to some links I enjoyed:

Squawkfox comes up with an idea that I’m going to have to try: child proofing her electrical outlets as a way to save money.

Brip Blap discusses early retirement or meaningful work.

The Red Stapler Chronicles reminds us not to use the economy as a universal excuse.

Fiscal Fizzle offers some tasks and tools for tracking your finances.

Bargaineering features a post from Studenomics about how college students can take control of their financial situation.

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  • I say no… By switching domain names this far into the game, you’ll lose a lot of ground in the short term.

    Besides, the name can’t possibly be hurting you — if anything it’s probably helping you and, best of all, it might even be helping those out there looking for the other kind of “blunt” money…

  • Ha! I thought you did that on purpose!

    It depends on your goals for the site. It looks like you care about your ad revenue, so it would be a big deal to lose all of your archive hits and all the progress you’ve made.

  • Well, I’ve been reading your blog for at least a few months now, and it had never occurred to me that it even might be interpreted that way.

    As to multiple domains: I currently have a tax blog and an investing blog. I wish everyday that they were on the same domain–and they’re only kinda-sorta related. I would definitely not advise splitting content up across 2 domains.

  • Well if I were going to split them, I would basically stop posting here and begin posting on the new domain. (With the hope that current readers would move with me…) Then once the new domain had built up, I’d move the old posts to it.

  • I think your target audience wouldn’t make the connection, I sure didn’t. Bad enough needing to change a host, or in my case, dropping a subdomain. I’d think a relaunch would be more trouble than it’s worth.

  • Don’t change it…now you can teach potheads how to save more for weed. Maybe you should do a post on laundering money….I smell traffic!!

  • I like your domain name!
    I’ve actually been thinking of changing mine because I think it frankly sounds ridiculous and has nothing to do with personal finance.
    I also recently learned that it has some other meanings I wasn’t aware of.

  • Well, it sounds like a resounding “no” to the idea from readers. I just wonder if the name is putting people off from giving my blog a look. I’ve had people tell me that in the past. I wonder if there is a way to ask non-readers about that…

  • Well, personally, I took it as being blunt about money. But certainly the other connotation did make me laugh a little from time to time. I guess I’ve been around too many stoners in my day, because I have known that particular slang for years.

    Personally, my reaction would be not to change the name. But if you’ve had people actually tell you that it’s a deterrent, you could consider buying a second domain and just forwarding this one. That way, if people look you up through your old name, they could still find you. It’s a tad more expensive, but then you wouldn’t have to worry about losing readers and/or name recognition.

    You could always go for a slight clarification, ie “Blunt About Money.”

  • I actually did at first think months ago when I first started reading that it may have some other meanings. Either way the site is good, you have a loyal fan base, I wouldn’t recommend changing. You may lose a lot of your Google Juice and link backs hurting you in the search engines.

  • What if you used some type of survey to see if your target audience identifies with your site? I can definitely identify with your domain name and I think it makes sense for what your message is. However, it’s all about the audience, right?

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