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Side Hustles You Can Do With a Computer

Side Hustles You Can Do With a Computer

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There are hundreds of thousands of people trying to figure out how to make extra money. One of the biggest business stories of the past couple of years (Uber) is the result of this cultural impulse. Whether it’s because you don’t make enough money at your current job, or you simply want to earn extra for one or more financial goals, this is the era of the side hustle.
The problem is, most people find it hard to make real money on Etsy or behind the wheel of their car in a ride-sharing service. Both of these side hustles take a lot of time and require significant resources to keep them up (supplies for Etsy, gas and maintenance for Uber and Lyft). At the end of the day, some people who use these money making-venture resources find themselves right back where they started.
That’s why more and more people are looking for income opportunities they can do inside their own homes, using a computer already in their possession. With very little overhead, work like this can be completed with potentially much better margins than the worker would attain through the side hustles already mentioned. The question is, what to do and where to find gigs like these.
One of the best ways to make truly easy extra money is with online surveys. Sites like User Surveys and apps like SurveyMonkey allow regular people to answer questions for market research that is used by companies to improve their products and services. There are all kinds of surveys which will fit the profiles of just about any kind of person, so you won’t have to worry about qualifications. By responding to surveys that get sent to you in your spare time, you can make a nice little chunk of change without putting forth a tremendous amount of effort.
There are also a ton of freelance gigs that are available through sources like Odesk. Whether you can write, code, proofread, transcribe, illustrate, or do just about any other kind of digital creative/editorial task, there should be something for you. Build up your feedback scores from completed assignments and you’ll have a steady stream of clients before you know it. You can even start a career in voice acting this way. Check out what’s available. It might surprise you how easy it is.
There are others who use their home computer to start a blog or an e-commerce business. With a little up front work, you can use sites and apps that you create this way to generate passive income in the long term. Many people find they can be serial entrepreneurs without ever leaving the comfort of their home.
If you need some extra money, don’t forget that there are many earning opportunities that you can find with your computer. You may be able to earn some significant extra cash with just a couple of hours’ effort each day, to supplement income you already have or to monetize time that would otherwise go to waste.

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