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SnipSnap Review: Don’t Bother Clipping a Coupon Again

SnipSnap Review: Don’t Bother Clipping a Coupon Again


Do you forget to clip the coupons you come across in newspapers or magazines? Are you losing money by not being coupon-smart?

It is very common for people to delay cutting out discount coupons offered in newspapers and magazines. No one wants coupons to interrupt their reading sessions. As a result, they forget to clip them off within the timeframe. If this sounds like you, you could be saving a ton of money by using each of those coupons the next time you head out to shop.

SnipSnap is a very simple mobile app that lets you convert a picture of a coupon to a barcode that can be scanned in-store. Just take a picture of the coupon with your phone, open it with the SnipSnap app, and hit the upload button. In a few seconds SnipSnap will convert the image into an optimized mobile version. 

About the creator of SnipSnap App

SnipSnap is a fin-tech company based in Philadelphia. It is a decade old firm founded by Ted Mann. Recently, SnipSnap got acquired by another visual search company known as Slyce. Slyce specializes in creating apps that use image recognition technology to solve problems faced by retail store owners.

Features of SnipSnap App

1. Works great for people who like to eat out

Do you eat out 2-3 times a week? SnipSnap works great for those who frequently visit their favorite restaurants in their city. It is rare to find a restaurant that does not accept coupons offered by this app. So, don’t worry, the app won’t disappoint you when it’s time to pay the bill. Moreover, you can also rely on SnipSnap while traveling across the nation. It helps you save money on food, for the frugal travelers out there.

2. Notifies you based on your location

You can opt to get notified each time you change locations or change a store. SnipSnap will send you details about the stores that are more likely to accept the coupons you have stored on your phone. This saves both your time and money as you don’t have to go shopping again for that one thing you are looking for.

3. Scan any type of coupon you want


SnipSnap accepts coupons whether you scan it from a newspaper or a letter. As long as it is valid, SnipSnap converts it into an easily scannable barcode. So, next time you come across a coupon, do not forget to capture it with your phone camera.

What I like about SnipSnap App

I have used plenty of coupon apps. Not notifying the user of expiring or expired coupons is one common problem every app hasn’t fixed yet. But not SnipSnap! SnipSnap notifies me every time a coupon is about to expire. This way I can either rush to the store to use it or delete it permanently from my phone.

What I don’t like about SnipSnap App

A discount coupon not only has an expiry date but also only a limited number of users can redeem it. Often, coupons are meant for one-time usage. Meaning, once someone redeems it, it becomes invalid. So, it is imperative to keep the status of the coupon you uploaded to “private”. If a user forgets to do this, they may lose the coupon to someone else.

My recommendation

I recommend SnipSnap for people who love reading newspapers and magazines. You are the ones who come across these rare hidden gems before the others get to them. So, why not save some money on your shopping while you’re at it?


SnipSnap is a free mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. To download SnipSnap for Android click here and iOS devices click here.

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