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The Best Upgrades to Enhance your Student Apartment

The Best Upgrades to Enhance your Student Apartment

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Have you recently moved into your student apartment? If so, you’re most likely facing a plain-looking space without much character. This will probably be weird for you, as you’re so used to your home being surrounded by your own personal belongings. To make you feel more at home, you should consider the following landlord-approved changes: 

Hints of Color

The majority of rentals are plainly-decorated with neutral walls and minimal decor. This may make you feel like you’re staying in a hotel rather than your own apartment; you should definitely change up the color to make it more homely. Before choosing a color, you should check with your landlord about making any permanent changes. If they approve of your decoration plans, you need to make sure you don’t go overboard with color. If there is too much going on you’ll make your apartment look too busy and this could distract you while working on projects and homework.

Get color inspiration from other students at RW Invest, which are located in Manchester and Liverpool. Their products offer an element of luxury with their stylish decor, which offers a minimalist vibe with accents of color like yellow and blue. Choosing these types of colors will make your apartment look less like a show home and more like a young and chic city hangout.

Modern Windows

A great way to add detail to your place is by dressing up the windows with light-colored curtains. You could also add some roman blinds, which are a timeless design that will offer an element of luxury to your home. You can find some affordable window dressings online that will allow natural light to seep in, which is a great wakeup call for those morning lectures.

You could also consider using bamboo blinds, which are extremely cheap and can easily be fitted to your windows in five minutes. These make even the most dim-looking room seem light and airy, while also providing you with great beachy vibes. You will have no problem sleeping, as they filter the light perfectly, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day of studying.

Gallery Wall

One of the main problems of living in a student apartment is that you’re limited when decorating your walls. However, there are ways around this. For example, you could use little hacks like clips or washi tape, which can be used to hang your pictures without damaging the walls.

If you want to create a gallery-style wall, you’re best using a picture rail, which again means no holes need to be made. When choosing art, you should make sure that you choose unique pieces that have similar details, which will create a cohesive collection and make a great stand out piece.

Little Touches

No home would be complete without some little decor details such as a rug, which is a great way to warm up a room, especially if you have a wooden or tile floor. You can then start to scatter additional decor such as cushions on your bed or sofa and matching ornaments on your bedside table.

Another great addition to your student apartment is some flora and fauna. This could include artificial flowers and real indoor plants like cacti and aloe, which will act as a great garden replacement. You can add to this botanical theme with floral ornaments and flowery bedding, which is the perfect design for the current spring season. You can decide whether you want to choose subtle floral designs or go big and bold, but make sure you do this in small accents so that it’s not overwhelming. 

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