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The Duh Factor

The Duh Factor

Sometimes we’re hit with what I refer to as the duh factor. As human beings, we’re all creatures of habit to one extent or another. This means we become used to seeing things the way we always see them. We sort of tune out alternatives or things that we aren’t expecting to see. Sometimes we just plain forget that there might even BE alternatives.

For example, we might feel like we can never get ahead financially. We don’t see what we could possibly cut from our spending, because everything is just “bills”, and we assume that bills are unavoidable in life. So we just tread water, or hope to keep from going under.

Or maybe we know that the kitchen door lets a lot of air escape, but since we don’t have the money for a replacement door right now, we just sort of shrug and figure we’ll have to wait until we do.

But then someone else comes along with an outside perspective.

“You know,” they say, “you don’t really need two brand new cars. If you sold them and bought beaters instead, you could save a lot of money. And you wouldn’t have a car payment.”

Or someone comes along and says, “Hey, why don’t you put some weather stripping around that door? That way the air won’t escape and you can save some money on your electric bill.”

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“Duh,” you think. “I never thought of that.”

It’s often easier for an outsider to see solutions in a situation. So if you find yourself feeling resigned to a certain situation, why not try asking an outsider’s opinion, especially when you are trying to save money? Actively seek out the duh factor.

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