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The Eating-Out Challenge

The Eating-Out Challenge

I’m doing an eating-out challenge this month, and wow it’s already heavy on the challenging part for me. (Yeah, I know, only a couple of days into the month and I’m already in trouble.) As I’m sure I’ve mentioned once or twice previously, I still eat out way too much each month. Someone on a forum that I frequent posted a related challenge. Because of this, I decided to modify it to meet my desires.

So my challenge is to eat out no more than twice a week for a total of $120 in January. The money part should be relatively easy, since I got some restaurant gift cards for Christmas (yay!), but only twice a week?! I’m already tempted to modify it to be 3 times per week, but I’m determined to give it a solid try first. The idea is that I want to enjoy each meal out, instead of just eating out basically out of laziness.

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  • I’m attempting to do the same, but not eat out at all during January. It’s tough with a girlfriend that wants to eat out every weekend. It’s even tougher when the whole work crowd eats out everyday and every day they ask you if you want something. But I’ve calculated they all spend about $500 a week between everyone and I’m saving about $300 a month eating my measly bologna sandwiches

  • I have issues with this too.

    For me eating out isn’t mostly about the food…it’s about not having to prepare the food…not having to do the dishes afterward…etc…

    When Im beat–a sub from Jersey’s Mike’s just hits the spot.

    Saturday, oldest daughter and I went to Red Lobster…there went $50~

    Let me know how you do…and what your methods are.

  • Good luck with your challenge! Eating out is one of my downfalls during the work week. My company has it’s own cafeteria, which makes it really convenient to run upstairs to grab a bite to eat. A few bucks here, a few more there really adds up. My personal challenge is to bring my breakfast and lunch Mondays through Thursdays. Fridays are when I treat myself to breakfast and/or lunch out, but I try to limit my spending to just $10. Of course, weekends are a whole other story… :)

  • Thanks guys, I’ll post an update later, and whether I’ve found any tips to help. Good luck with your goals too :)

  • I know this is tough. I love to dine out. But my guidelines are:
    Breakfast: M-F Eat what I make. Sat OR Sun 1 nice brunch under $15 (have to give up the mimosas!)
    Lunch: Bring lunch 3x a week and only $20 a week for dining out (I had a CEO that only spent $5 bucks a lunch. To follow that example, means no sodas, which is fine cause just empty calories.)
    Dinner: This is the tough one. $50 a week. Which means no wine. Gosh sound like an alcoholic!

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