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The joy of samples & good customer service

The joy of samples & good customer service

The following is from my husband, who notes that it’s sometimes wise to ask for samples before making a purchase on some items. The sale person or company rep may be able to give you a sample. He describes three occasions where this happened for him:

  • Additional fasteners for my camera vest
    In this case the manufacturer did not sell to the public but they were willing to send me what I needed for free.
  • A replacement watch band
    I called the local store that carries my watch and they said it would be $40 to $50 for a watch band. Yes, it is leather, but still, that’s quite a bit for a band. So I called the other dealer on the mainland and they said yes, they had it in stock. I asked how much it would be and he said, “Oh, free.” They even sent it via UPS instead of regular post office mail.
  • Ear buds for Etymotic headphones
    These headphones were around $90 when I got them. Normally they are $140. But I have very small ear canals, so small that I can’t use the iPod type ear-bud. They won’t fit. Even the Etymotic in-ear buds fall out when I work out. They are just a little too small to make a good seal and stay in place. So I called Etymotic and talked to someone in the sales department. He was very helpful and said he would send me two different kinds for me to try.

While these items were not expensive items per-se, just by asking more questions I was able to save money. In the case of the ear-buds, if I find ones that work better than what I am currently using, I will certainly order some in the future.

Service like the above examples really impresses and makes me want to do business with the companies again.

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