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The luggage chronicles

The luggage chronicles

It’s been nearly a week now since we’ve been back from vacation, but our luggage is still out there traveling the world without us. I guess it has the travel itch pretty bad. Either that or it’s keeping the hundreds of other suitcases sitting at the Rome airport company, which I think is more likely.

We landed in Rome on July 25th, and waited patiently for our suitcases to come off the conveyor belt. And waited, and waited, and waited. When they didn’t show, we filed a claim and went on our way, assuming the suitcases would probably come the next day. Then it was off to buy toiletries. Luckily there are pharmacies on practically every corner in Italy, so that didn’t take long. 24 hours later, no suitcases, so we bought a change of clothes for each of us. Total cost, €185 in unplanned expenses.

Two days later, we got one of the suitcases back, but the other one never showed. Still, it was a relief to have at least some of our clothes again. Then came the flight home, where the suitcase that had been briefly reunited with us was lost once again. This means we’ve had one suitcase missing for 15 days, and another one missing for 6. The biggest problem is that the majority of our clothes were in those suitcases, which means that we’re down to dress clothes & workout clothes here at home. You can’t go to work or school in those really, so we went shopping again last night to get another day or two’s worth of clothes. This really makes me appreciate the clothing that we have.

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  • I hope you filed a claim to get money to get toiletries etc. normally, airlines will give you like $100-$150 immediately. You should also check the airline’s policy on this. If you need to buy clothes, airlines also have a policy for reimbursing you for the clothes. save the receipts. I’ve had the same thing happen and had to buy clothes. The airlines refunded me for the clothes.

  • We did file a claim, but they did not offer us any money immediately. They said to wait 24 hours and then they would pay for “half” of what we buy. Half sucks, especially since some of the items in our luggage were brand new.

  • Oh wow! I’ve never had luggage lost for that long, but I think I heard a couple of days ago that the percentage of lost luggage had skyrocketed recently. I’m sorry yours is part of that statistic! Is half all the compensation they give you? That’s terrible!

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