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The Things We Forget

The Things We Forget

Irregular expenses often become gotchas that can trip up people when planning for future expenses. These are expenses that we always have, but they are so infrequent compared to our monthly expenses that somehow they consistently slip our mind. It feels like they sneak right up on us. What are some of the things we forget?

1. Car and homeowner’s insurance, if paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
2. Car maintenance (tuneups, new tires, timing belts)
3. Christmas & birthdays.
4. Taxes (if filing quarterly, or if you don’t have enough withheld)
5. Property taxes.
6. Checkups at the doctor, dentist, and eye doctor and associated expenses.
7. Shots for pets (and young children).
8. Annual fees & subscriptions (credit card fees, magazines, newspapers)

Taking the time to look back on your spending history for the past year or two can point out things like this that might otherwise be forgotten, saving frustration and aggravation.

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