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Things I’ve learned from my lost luggage:

Things I’ve learned from my lost luggage:

1. I value comfort highly. (The first clothes I replaced were some shorts.)

2. I have an abundance of clothes. (Even with 10 days worth of clothing gone, I still had things to wear.)

3. I fall into habits too easily. (I was able to mix and match my remaining clothes in ways I’d never thought of before.)

4. There’s no point in keeping things around that I don’t like. (Some of the clothes that I had left were there because I didn’t like them anymore, or because they were uncomfortable. I set them out for Goodwill.)

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5. I take too much for granted. (All I lost were some clothes & a library book. What about people who have lost everything — including their loved ones — in Katrina, other disasters, or in wars?)

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