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Time to break down and do something about the dishwasher

Time to break down and do something about the dishwasher

Our dishwasher came with the house, but it was probably bought by the previous owners sometime in the early 80’s. It works fairly well, but has major rust stains on the bottom. That’s never really bothered me — I figure we can use the iron — but yesterday I tried to straighten part of the bottom rack and it broke in half.

So, we want to either replace the bottom rack (and probably the top rack as well, because it’s also rusting through in places) or replace the dishwasher itself.

I’m kind of leery of buying a new dishwasher, because I’m just not convinced that the newer ones are all that great. But of course I don’t know if they even still make replacement parts for ours. My husband will be checking that out.

If we do decide to replace it, I don’t want to buy one I’ll be unhappy with.

Have you gotten a new dishwasher lately? If so, what kind is it and how do you like it? Does it clean really well?

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  • Ours broke awhile back and we still haven’t replaced it… I just can’t seem to bring myself to drop money on that. Of course, we really should replace it because if we sell the house we’ll have to have a functioning dishwasher and I’d rather take advantage of that than the new owner!

  • Mrs. Money, yeah if you know you’re planning to replace it regardless you may as well get to enjoy it first.

    Nick, I hadn’t even thought of Craigslist for some reason. That’s a great idea, especially since I bet a lot of people are replacing old ones with stainless steel (which I hate). Was it hard to remove & install?

  • My girlfriend actually bought one on Craigslist for $25.

    It is an energy star certified Kenmore dishwasher built in 2004.

    The previous owners bought new appliances that were white and it bugged the hell out of them that the dishwasher was “off white”.

    They bought a new white dishwasher and called to see what it would cost to haul their old one away, $25 is what they were quoted so they listed it on craigslist for the same amount. They didn’t want to make money but just wanted it out of their kitchen.

    We got it home, removed our old one, and viola it not only works but is SOOOO MUCH quieter than our old one.

    So my advice, keep an eye on Craigslist, although in your circumstances I guess you likely can’t afford the down time as you wait for a deal.

  • When my not-old-enough Kenmore sprung a leak, it turned out replacing the part was more expensive than buying a new dishwasher, even a model that wasn’t bottom-of-the-line.

    Our replacement dishwasher is a Maytag we bought at Home Depot. It’s been heavenly–it’s already outlasted the Kenmore and it’s quieter and more energy-efficient. It wasn’t the cheapest model, but a step or two up (not more than $100 than the cheapest).

    My advice: don’t go with a generic brand (like Kenmore) and don’t go with the cheapest model. I’ve been pleased with the modern dishwashers and they are vast improvements over older models (the Kenmore replaced an early 80s model that came with the house).

    If I had bought a Maytag to begin with, I probably wouldn’t have had to buy two new dishwashers in such a short amount of time. Sometimes what you pay for is what you get.

  • Hello!

    I would recommend my dishwasher to you. It is a KitchenAid and the best one I’ve used. It is really quiet (energy star) and senses how dirty the load is and will shorten the cycle.

    I like the stainless steel interior because it handles dripped food (no smell) way better than plastic. This is been the first dishwasher I’ve ever had that I can seriously put everything in without rinsing and have it come out perfect.

    Good luck on your search!

  • We went to the Sears warehouse outlet when ours needed to be replaced. Got an $1800 Kitchen Aid for $800. It is fantastic and we do not even know it is running!!!

  • Thanks for all the recommendations everyone! We will definitely keep them in mind for the future, but it turns out we can get parts for our dishwasher (and pretty cheaply too) so we’ll just do that for now.

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