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Time to plant the garden

Time to plant the garden

According to the county extension where I live, it’s time to plant the garden. That just doesn’t seem right to me, since it’s so hot outside, but I imagine they must have it right.

My son is putting together a second box garden for me, which I’d better hurry up and decide on a spot for if I’ll be planting soon. I can’t quite figure out where would be best to put it though.

Aesthetically and convenience-wise, it would be best to place it about 3 feet away from the original box garden. It’s the good-for-the-plants-wise part that I have trouble with though, because my options are basically full sun or full shade.

Oh well, I’ll get it figured out. Either that or flip a coin…

Meanwhile, how about a few links?

All Financial Matters puts out a great personal finance how-to roundup. There’s pretty much every personal finance how-to you could possibly need on the list, so check it out.

The Dough Roller gets into the great 30-year-mortgage vs. 15-year-mortgage debate.

The Oblivious Investor asks what does a good financial advisor do?

Finally, Wisebread asks, would you accept $200,000 if you didn’t know where it came from? (What would you do? I think I’d have to pass, especially after reading the Twilight Zone thing, although I’d be awfully tempted.)

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