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Too Much To Do

Too Much To Do

After a certain point, hours on end at the computer is not conducive to much of anything. That’s been my discovery for the week — as the days have been filled with way too much to do.

Sometimes when I feel that way, it’s tempting to just not do anything at all when I get home. But like most things in life, the choices aren’t just black or white. I don’t have to be ridiculously busy OR give up and do nothing. I can aim for a little moderation, or at least build in some breaks.

I’ve started asking myself what one thing I can do today to put me closer to my main goal. I can have a zillion things on my list, and feel like doing nothing, but so long as I get the one thing done that’s good enough.

And now for links:

Frugal Dad says to stop feeling sorry for him — he’s frugal, not broke. (Check out his related post on how to not suck at everything too.)

Realm of Prosperity asks, do you save before you spend or spend before you save?. (I need to do more of both…)

Five Cent Nickel offers some great suggestions for handling gift giving.

And, I wasn’t the only one thinking about home inventories lately. Fiscal Geek gives some pointers on using free software to create a home inventory.

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