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Top Risky – Yet Easy – Ways To Make Money Online

Top Risky – Yet Easy – Ways To Make Money Online

In these financially unpredictable times many of us can often find ourselves in the unenviable position of having to look for work or other ways in which to bring in some additional monthly income. Surprisingly a lot of people turn to the internet and more often than not find themselves tempted by the promise of big money that you can earn at home without even having to do much work. Unsurprisingly the majority of the time these methods are not as straightforward as they first seem. Here are a few of the riskiest ways of making money on the internet.

Online Gambling

There are plenty of professional gamblers out there earning life changing sums of money every time they play. Typically these pros are astute at playing table games such as poker where you face off against other players and use certain tricks and mind games in order to outwit your opponents. However at the end of the day Poker as well as all the other traditional casino-based table games are generally based on sheer luck. But with a lot of practice and a lot of experience you can eventually begin picking up a few cash prizes here and there. Online casinos such as the Red Flush Casino are the perfect place to start your online gambling journey.

Going Viral

Nearly all of us have watched numerous viral videos on YouTube over the years. But of course with so many millions of clips out there gaining traffic and ultimately going viral is the ultimate goal for many, then once you monetize a successful clip who knows where it might lead. It’s incredible to think that something as simple as a baby biting his brother’s finger would generate more than £100,000 for the family who originally posted it.

Affiliate Programs

If you have an operating website or blog then affiliate sales are a fairly quick and easy way in which to monetize your existing traffic. Companies like Amazon provide an affiliate program for you to sign up with and you then get to pick from a whole host of product links, images and widgets to place on your site. Each time a customer clicks through and makes a purchase you receive a small percentage of the transaction.

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Stock Photography Business

Have you got a keen eye and a decent camera then how about becoming a stock photographer? Businesses and advertisers are constantly on the hunt for low-cost stock images so why not take your own and sign yourself up on a popular stock photography site and upload your collection. Each licensed photo your sell will earn you a few cents here and there so it’s worth building your portfolio.

Create Online Courses

If you have the knack for teaching Online Courses, then you would be interested to know that it is now a thing where you can earn. Udemy Instructors, for example, earn a decent amount of passive income each month. Some have reported earning over thousands of dollars just from a single course alone. All you have to do is find a course that you are good at and at the same time, relevant to a general audience. Many Udemy Instructors have already given up on their day jobs to focus on Udemy alone

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