Trends That Will Reshape Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing trends

The use of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for marketing of products and services has grown tremendously. Now it has become extremely important for marketers using digital marketing as a tool to remain updated with the latest trends and updates happening on these platforms. These platforms are being updated constantly now with new features, forcing marketers to constantly keep an eye on it so as not to miss out on any of the latest trends. Below are trends that will reshape digital marketing in the upcoming year:

1. Artificial intelligence is going to influence digital marketing greatly. It will become a trend setter in the digital marketing space. However artificial intelligence and behavioral skills both will be required to interact effectively with customers. Tools like Intercom and Drift will help marketers to do live chats with their customers and clients, solely powered by artificial intelligence.

2. Influencer marketing will become highly popular in the brand development world. Companies will invest heavily in influencers to grow their brand audience. This method of digital marketing is most popular among clothing and jewelry brands. It’s highly profitable as the returns are high on investment and more than 80 percent of marketers planned to use influencer marketing just last year.

3. In this era of growing data and networking, data breaching is very common. It has become extremely important to protect data from malicious software and hackers. It has become a cause of worry globally as the number of hacking cases is increasing around the world, which is going to affect the ways companies use digital marketing for their businesses.

4. The rise of some social media sites like Snapchat and Twitter will see an increase in the user base of others like Instagram and professional networking sites like Linkedin will also affect the digital marketing space. The number of people using Linkedin is increasing now and this shift has resulted in a change in the way digital marketing is done. This is due to the improvement in the ad platform of Linkedin as compared to Twitter and other sites. This has made it quite popular amongst marketers as a digital marketing platform.

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