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Triple Stroller with Sit and Stand: A List of the Best

Triple Stroller with Sit and Stand: A List of the Best

Triple Stroller with Sit and Stand

Finding a suitable and affordable stroller for one kid can be a real challenge, more so if you have multiple kids of different age groups. A newborn will require a reclining position while a 4-year old would like to stand and enjoy the ride. Depending upon the age of your kids and their walking abilities, you need to choose the right stroller. That implies you should choose one that fulfills everybody’s requirements.

The more adjustable the stroller is, the better. As your kids grow older, you can simply shift their lying or sitting position to a standing one. That is why, it is always wise to choose a stroller with sit and stand. In this article, I have listed triple strollers with sitting and standing options, which are particularly suitable for 3-child families.

Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller

This triple stroller with sit and stand option is perfect for a family with twins and a toddler. Two front seats can be used for kids up to 45 lbs. The older child can ride on the platform behind or can even sit on a padded rear seat. The front seats can be reclined to two different positions. Additionally, two foot rests, two child trays, two car seat attachments and a big basket for carrying essentials are fitted into the stroller.

Among all the triple stroller with sit and stand facility, this model seems to be the most popular one. The stroller is designed to fit two car seats and is compatible to most of the car seat models. Additionally, there are snack trays and cup holders fitted in the stroller. But to use car seats, you have to dismantle the trays. The dimension of the assembled stroller is 44.25 inch x 21.5 inch x 55 inch. This triple stroller with sit and stand option is safe and gets through most doors.

In case you have triplets, you can simply buy another seat and fit it on the stroller. This triple stroller with sit and stand facility comes at affordable price compared to other brands. But before buying make sure it fits in your car since it is quite long, even when completely folded.

Valco Tri Mode Twin Stroller

Though the stroller is designed to accommodate twins, this triple stroller with sit and stand options can be used to take even 4 kids out simultaneously. You just need to fit a toddler seat in the front and standing platform at the back to make it suitable for 4.

The stroller drives easily and has enough storage space. Wheels of the stroller turn easily and the handle is easily adjustable. The hoods are also big enough to cover babies’ heads. One of the drawbacks of the stroller is that there is no snack tray and no cup holder. Besides, it is not locked automatically when folded. You have to do it manually, otherwise it can re-open anytime.

The stroller comes with lot of accessories like tire pumps, rain cover etc. Besides, you can purchase cup holder, snack tray, seat adapters, foot muffs etc. separately. Buying this is a costly investment since the price is over $700, no matter from which source you buy it. Select it, only if your 3 kids are quite young and you are going to need it for long.

Valco Zee Two Double Stroller

This is again a double stroller but can be made suitable for three by adding a rare hitch hiker or a front toddler seat. It is light in weight and you can fold it easily and lock it. The maximum weight that this customized triple stroller with sit and stand options can carry is 44lbs. Though, many parents have tried with higher total weight and it is sturdy enough to carry that. The stroller has a dimension that allows it to go through any standard door. You can use this stroller to carry newborns as well as 4-year old. The stroller provides extended leg rest and large hoods to cover the heads.

The drawbacks of this stroller is that the seat covers are not removable and are not soft enough. So, you may need to put additional soft towel or pillow for making sitting comfortable for your kids. It folds easily but you have to lock it manually.

Any of the above mentioned strollers can be a good choice for you. While buying a triple stroller with sit and stand options, always keep in mind, your priority is your kids’ safety. Never compromise on quality.

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