We finally ventured into composting the other day.

It was simpler than I thought — we just went down to the hardware store and bought a solid-colored plastic bin with with a lid, drilled some holes in the lid, and set the bin in (one of the few) shady spots in our back yard. Then we added a little dirt to start it out with.

Since then we’ve added several banana peels, apple cores, onion skins, smashed egg shells, and some lint. (Yes, lint — this compost guide says lint is ok.) We will probably add a few pine needles soon; or at least as soon as I feel like sweeping up under the pine tree.

Now I just need to get into the habit of putting food scraps into the compost pile instead of in the trash or down the disposal. We’re going to get a couple of smaller containers too — one to go to my husband’s work (where he eats most of the apples & bananas) and one to fit under our sink. This way he will be able to bring usable items home, and we won’t have to make constant trips to the backyard.

Between composting and recycling we will have very little trash to put out any more, which makes me happy. Hopefully this will give us some good stuff for the garden as well.