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What did you buy as a kid?

What did you buy as a kid?

Do you remember your first big purchase as a kid? How did you get the money for it? I remember saving up babysitting & Christmas money for a little black & white TV. Why I wanted this so badly, I’m not quite sure, because I didn’t watch TV all that much. I could tell you everything that I ever watched on it during the 17 years I owned it: one made-for-TV movie, several sets of Olympics, and part of one World Series. I used it more often as a monitor for the little computer I had that needed to be programmed in BASIC. I think I just wanted to be able to watch the shows I wanted to, when I wanted to. I was really buying the idea of freedom.

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  • Star Wars action figures (if only I had known they’d be worth a fortune 25 years later) :-/ Saving up allowance was the only way, until I was able to get a few summer jobs when I turned 16. I also babysat from time to time, I’m sure that went towards those things as well.

  • Mine was the same as yours BM. A black and white little tv. I wanted a tv in my room so bad. I used to watch Dark Shadows on it…and remember watching Roots on it.

    I got the money to buy it from babysitting money that I saved up–my rule was whenver I got up to $25, than I put $15 in the bank and let myself have $10 for spending money….

  • Mine was the NES system – I managed to save up the $120 or so for this and I used this for years on a very very regular basis. I have to say even to this day this was one of the more creative money collections I had made. I even delegated the final sale of my old atari system to my parents so I could go swimming (I believe I was 9 or 10)

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