A question struck me recently: what would things be like if I didn’t drive my car everyday? There are very few places that I really have to drive to in a car. I have to drive my son to his dad’s house once or sometimes twice a week. I have to drive for one of my businesses at most a couple of times a month. And…that’s it. Costco wouldn’t be much fun to go to without a car, but I suppose it would still be possible because it’s on the bus route, and the bus stop is right by our house. Nearly every other place I go is within easy walking or bike-riding distance: work, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, movie theatres, a mall, and the library.

By not driving my car everyday, I could:

– Save money (on gas, maintenance, and insurance, and fewer unplanned purchases)
– Reduce emissions & pollution
– Increase the amount of exercise I get
– Possibly decrease the amount of junk food eaten (I know I’d be less likely to stop at Dairy Queen on the spur of the moment if I had to walk a mile and a half to get there first.)
– Improve my health

The only real downside to not driving my car is that I might sometimes be hot or cold. Yet, I’m resistant to the idea. I think that cars are so ingrained in our culture that it’s hard to conceive of not using one regularly. (Especially here in the land of urban sprawl and poor public transportation — we are very LUCKY to have a bus line near us.) I think I may give it a try though. At least on a very baby-step scale. Anyone else do this?