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What the world eats

What the world eats

A photo essay called What the World Eats was posted last month on (The essay is from a book by Peter Menzel called Hungry Planet.)

As I was looking through the photos, it occurred to me that the photos are great inspiration for both saving money on groceries and for eating more healthier foods. As you go through the photos, note the prices that are paid compared to what is eaten. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the more processed foods a family eats, the more they spend on groceries (and the less healthy the food appears to be).

I think I’d be embarrassed to see what a photo of what I eat in a week would contain. But, maybe a photo like that would be helpful, because it would allow me to literally see what’s missing, and what there is too much of. It would be easy to extend this idea to what you buy or spend money on in a week period as well.

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  • Hey! Why do they choose an American Family that eats the fattest foods???? That’s ridiculous. More and more these days America is becoming more health conscious. I think that pictures represents a picture from about 5 years ago.

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