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What To Do If You’re Struggling for Money

What To Do If You’re Struggling for Money

Everyone knows that money can’t buy you happiness – or love – but it can make life a little
easier when you have enough to pay your bills and do the things you want to do. Unfortunately,
we are all at risk of unforeseen circumstances in life, from redundancies to accidents, and when
you find yourself struggling for money, there are some things you can do.

It’s important to note that if you do find yourself unable to work after an accident, there are
options for you. Contact Silver Dollar Financial for information about pre-settlement fundings,
and find out what support is available.

Be Honest

The most important thing to do if you find yourself in any sort of money trouble is to be honest.
Firstly with yourself – burying your head in the sand and pretending everything is okay may be
tempting, but it’s never a good idea and will only end in tears. Confront your finances head-on,
and be open and honest with the people around you that need to know, such as your partner or
close family.

Talk to Any Creditors

If you owe money on credit cards, or through other finance options, you need to speak to your
creditors and let them know what’s going on – never wait until it gets passed over to a collection
agency, as by that point, there is little that can be done. Explain your situation and work together
to agree on a payment plan that still offers them some money towards the debt, but allows you a
little more breathing space.

Cut Down on Unnecessary Spends

There are so many ways to save money, and one of the easiest is to simply cut down on
unnecessary spending. For example, make coffee and lunch at home, rather than buying it
every day at lunch, and look at which subscriptions you have to see if there are any you don’t
use. Instead of buying books, borrow from the library, and control your spending where possible
– if you don’t need it, don’t buy it right now.

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Make More Money

This is the other way to deal with struggling for money – make more. Of course, it’s not quite that
easy, but there are certainly ways you can do this. Perhaps ask your boss if there is any
overtime available, or set up a side hustle. Is there anything you can offer people as a service
that they would pay for? You would also be surprised at how much junk you have that people
would pay for! Do a clean out of your closets and get some stuff up on a selling site like eBay to
make some extra money.

There is no shame in struggling for money – it’s something that so many of us will go through in
our lives, and there is a way out. Just tackle it head-on, be honest with the people around you
(include the companies you owe money to), and make the right changes to your lifestyle.

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