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What’s Holding You Back from Being Rich and Successful?

What’s Holding You Back from Being Rich and Successful?


Being poor might seem like fate but more often than not it is the result of bad habits, unemployment, procrastination and a lot more. Ask any rich person who worked their way up from the bottom and they will tell you how your social circle affects your finances. I feel that this subject is very important but it is still not talked about a lot. This post is intended to share with you a few things that might be holding you back from being rich and successful.

Things That Are Holding You Back from Being Rich and Successful

1) Financial illiteracy

Being financially illiterate is not similar to being uneducated. You could be educated and well-versed in general but might be lacking some basic level of understanding about how money works. School or college does not teach us how the actual economy works. To learn about money, I would recommend you to read books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. 

2) Certain behavioral traits

There is a slight difference between a habit and a behavior trait. A habit is a routine that you perform repeatedly and tends to occur subconsciously. While a behavior trait is a result of your deep-rooted habits. Poor behavior traits are one of the biggest reasons why poor people continue to make faulty decisions–and hence, remain poor indefinitely. 

3) Inactivity

Are you one of those people who create goals, make big statements, write down new year resolutions but in the end do not hold on to your promises? Inactivity is one of the reasons why people stop thriving to achieve their goals. The best way to come out of a rut is to take small steps towards your goal. Things tend to get easier as you move ahead in your journey.

4) Capitalism

People belonging to the lower and middle class begin to suffer when the nation is run by big corporations and lobbyists. Meaning, the means of production and distribution are owned and operated by privately held firms and not the state government. Although capitalism is good for the long term stability of a nation, it ensures that the people in the lower and middle class remain where they are.

5) Inability to network

Networking, unless done as a means to escape from the current problems, can make you rich. There is an African proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together“. There is no better way to describe the importance of finding, connecting and working with other people who share the same goals as yours.

6) Negative emotions

Despite knowing the correct course of action, most people fail to take action. They do this to avoid feeling negative emotions in their body. Although you cannot see the effects of negative emotions from the outside, having an incessant train of negative emotions can be detrimental. So, next time you have bad thoughts in your mind, try to be cognizant of them so they don’t stay in your body as negative emotions.


Getting rich is not always hard work and dedication. Sometimes you just need to acquire a few key skills and you will begin to earn money the easy way. Most middle-class people are taught from a young age to study hard in school and then work tirelessly later in their professional lives. This may work for some but there are plenty of people who struggle to get rich with this strategy.

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