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What’s That at The Door?

What’s That at The Door?

I love it when the doorbell rings and a package I’ve been expecting arrives. The delivery man dropped off a rather large box yesterday that I was happy to get.

I mentioned before that there will be a few changes coming up here in the near future, and the box contained the supplies for one of those changes.

In short, I’ve decided to give podcasting a whirl. Now I’m anxious to begin the learning curve! I hope you’ll all give it a listen when I get it going.

With that, here are this week’s links:

Bad Money Advice tells us that stocks are not the only investment that counts.

The ABCs of Investing explains REITs (or, how to invest in real estate the easy way.

20 Something Finance discovers he could buy a house like his old house for one third of the price.

Broke Grad Student offers advice on building a car fund for college students.

DebtGoal points out that debit cards are not always a safe alternative to credit.

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