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What’s Your Favorite Way to Spend Money?

What’s Your Favorite Way to Spend Money?

In honor of the money I’ve spent this month (already!) I’d like to know what your favorite way to spend money is.

Of course I like to do a lot of things that are free (reading, writing, lazing around the house) but there are some things that I definitely get my money’s worth on. For me those things are travel, travel, and travel. Did I mention travel?

And I guess I’ll have to add eating out, because I enjoy doing that as well.

What about you?

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  • My faves–eating out, thrift stores, etsy and ebay finds. If I had no self-control, clothes would be on that list as well!

  • Yup – travels a big one for me too, but since the kids came along, not much of that happening. Lacking a good vacation somewhere, gadgets and electronics are my favs.

  • I love a really good 3 course meal. I save my pennies for restaurant week and go to places that I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. It’s money well spent.

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