We’re planning to add insulation to our house, in hopes that doing so will both reduce our utility bill and make our house more comfortable. We’ve spent the past couple of years working on thoroughly weatherizing our house. It’s been a slow process, since most of the things we needed to do were expensive. We finished replacing the windows and doors a few months ago, and are now ready to move on to the insulation. (Which will be our last task.)

I’m hoping that adding more insulation will help as dramatically with our electric bill as the other items did. I think it should be effective, but we’ll see. Web site estimates & energy-savings tip sheets all say that it could save “up to” 20%. That would sure be nice!

As far as I know, the insulation in our attic is original to the house, which means that it’s nearly 30 years old. The kind of insulation we have tends to settle down over time. Ours appears to have done so kind of randomly, since there are hills of it in some areas and valleys in the others. We currently have a maximum of about R-15 in our attic, but at least one area has no insulation at all, which is bad. Our utility company recommends having R-30 or higher, so we’re pretty far off from the recommended minimum amount. We are going to have enough blown-in insulation added to bring it up to R-49.

We did think about having a radiant barrier installed as well, but decided against that since it’s pretty expensive. We’re not sure that we’ll stay in this house long enough to make it worthwhile.