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Would you like an application with that?

Would you like an application with that?

Normally our grocery store receipts are one of the few receipts that are…just receipts. They provide their piles of coupons and ads on a separate receipt-like piece of paper, which is nice, since I hate stuffing giant receipts into my purse.

But the last time I went to the grocery store, things were different.

My receipt had several extra inches added to the bottom, with a section that said “Please tear here”.

I took a look at it, wondering why the receipt was so long.

It started out with, “Receive $25 off your first purchase when you open a 1-2-3 rewards MasterCard”.

Customers were instructed to “Complete items in bold & take to customer service to apply for the 1-2-3 rewards MasterCard.”

I guess everyone’s getting into the credit card game.

They’re definitely trying to encourage people to use the card IN the grocery store too, because the rewards points are: 1 point for anywhere-type spending, 2 points for Kroger spending, and 3 points for Kroger brand spending.

You end up with $5 in groceries for every 1000 points. So that’s, what, between half a percent reward and 1.5%? No thank you.

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  • I wonder just how the credit card companies are doing with the general economic downturn – does this get them the new customers they were hoping for? Are these customers as credit worthy as they used to be?

    I agree I would pass on the opportunity.

  • Makes me wonder how many more “rewards” offers we are going to see in the next few months. Seems as if they have been popping up everywhere lately.

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